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They said about us

*In 2008 I had heard about laser therapy for nicotine. I had 3 young adult children hooked on nicotine. My two daughters smoked. My son had given up smoking for chewing. As a Christmas present to myself, I scheduled appts for the 3 of them to meet with Kelly for treatment. My youngest daughter, who stated ” I like smoking, I don’t want to quit.” had success, as well as my son. My other daughter was deep in study for college exams and did not have success at that time. The mama’s guilt trip helped a little. My son wanted to chew quite badly on the 2 1/2 hour drive home that day. But, because I had paid for this treatment he didn’t let himself chew. My daughter and son practiced encouraging each other through text messaging each other throughout the days. They are now grateful that I helped them overcome nicotine, and it was the best Christmas Present I ever received. I highly recommend laser treatment. Alpha has a great program!
Andrea MicKinnee
August 18th, 2016
*I decided to quit smoking after 30 yrs so I went to Alpha Life in Windsor Aug. 19, 1997. I was skeptical as I had tried many treatment plans to quit. My husband threw my cigarettes away in a dumpster as we went in the business. So to make a story short, it’s 20 years later & I am still a non-smoker. I haven’t touched one since that day. My health has improved so much & I can breathe again.
Carol Ruth
August 17th, 2016
*Well they say 3rd time is a charm! I am now officially a non-smoker and absolutely love the way that feels! I am no longer looked at with shame from the general public (at least that’s the way it felt when I lite up). I will never look at a smoker that way, but given the chance I will tell them how I quit smoking! I have NOT tried any other means of quitting before. I chose Alpha because I knew 2 people that used the laser acupuncture method and raved how well it worked for them! IT DOES WORK!!! Thanks to Kelly and the Staff at Alpha!!
December, 27th 2017
*I first tried this treatment in the late 90’s in Canada and the 10 people I took with me all quit but one. I started up again after a trip to Vegas….big mistake, now I am back again. I am on day 6th and I know I can beat this. I highly recommend this for the smoker who is ready mentally to quit. The people at the office were great and Miss Kelly was so kind and professional. PEOPLE THIS WORKS….
Joseph S Queentry
April 3rd, 2076
*Happy to report I’ve been smoke free for over a year. Thanks to Alpha and Kelly. I have been stressed out lately, and afraid I’ll give in to cigarettes, so I visited Alpha today for a booster, and all is good! Alpha is the easiest quit you could want, it takes all the cravings away and helps to keep you calm and bitch free. Lol I’m so happy to be among the non smokers! Thank you Alpha and Kelly!! Fay Autra
Faylene Autra
August 3rd, 2016