AcceleratorIt’s here! Introducing Alpha Accelerator; our private label supplement which combines all three of the recommended nutrients into one convenient capsule. Alpha Accelerator was specially formulated for Alpha Lifestyle Center to accelerate healing from damaging tobacco use and to reduce uncomfortable nicotine withdrawal symptoms*.

For years we have been stocking the three different nutrients, but the Alpha Accelerator provides a solution to the complicated and inconvenient dosing of the multiple capsules. Why did it take so long for us to develop Alpha Accelerator? Because it’s expensive! But, we are very excited to deliver this product to our customers without increasing the price.

Why is supplementation important? The damaging effects of smoking or chewing tobacco are not news, but troubling nicotine withdrawal symptoms can come as a surprise to those trying to kick the habit. Alpha Accelerator was developed with this in mind; our proprietary blend includes a calming mineral that nourishes the nervous system and helps prevent anxiety, fear, nervousness, restlessness and irritability. Smoking creates a deficiency in another important vitamin that we’ve included which aids in tissue and cell repair and can boost energy when quitting. Finally, Alpha Accelerator contains a powerful antioxidant which may also help breathing. These benefits combined will help the brain link quitting to a more pleasant experience, which will keep people motivated and on track.

Where can I buy Alpha Accelerator? Alpha Accelerator can be purchased at Alpha Lifestyle Center or right here by clicking “Buy Now” below or on the left.

Who should use Alpha Accelerator? Alpha Accelerator was developed to support our laser stop smoking customers as part of a comprehensive approach to tobacco cessation. However, our proprietary blend will benefit anybody who is trying to quit by accelerating healing and reducing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Do you know somebody who wants to quit smoking or chewing tobacco, but who doesn’t have access to laser therapy at Alpha Lifestyle Center? Please share this information; a bottle can be purchased from our website with the click of a button!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.